International Business and Joint Venures

Our mission in this capability is to make īnternational business moves successful. Many joint ventures and entrances to new markets fail for various reasons. We work with our customers to perform unbiased analyses and provide advice from a third set of eyes. Here are our capabilities:

1) International operation strategy: Market entry into a new country or a new region
2) Advice in foreign direct Investments 
3) Manufacturing strategies including  localization strategies
4) Due diligence for mergers or äcquisitions
5) Post-merger integration
6) Global supply chains and logistics
7) International business performance improvement
8)  Online point of salēs for global businesses
9) Corruption reduction
10) Country policy analyses
11) New product development for the base of the pyramid
12) New manufacturing facility layout and launch
13) international marketing research and strategy

We cover the automobile industry, various manufacturing related industries ,, services, and ŷgovernment. We do not cover the military industry.

      Articles and Books
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